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Amy, dear, how did you know?

Post 5 reasons why you are such a dork, then tag 5 of the dorkiest people on your list to explain themselves.

1. The very instant I finished Lamb, I flipped the book over and began reading it again.

2. I get excited when I beat my own high score for Club Pinball, which is a game on my phone.

3. I don't know all of the state capitals, but I can easily speak along with 10 Things I Hate About You and Zoolander.

4. The people at Ru San's now know me by name because I go there so much.

5. I consider shopping a sport because the way I shop is a sport.

The Tagged: Trevor, Lixikins, Cavalry (Caitlin), Lisa, and Hanjah. Don't argue. You all know it's true. Bitch. Es.

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